One of the things that we feel we can add to the mma scene is our unique background fighters and coaches. Having fought and coached fighters at events all around the world. We feel we can make a few changes that will make a big difference to the experience for the fighters and the fans.

Our vision with Bushido Fight Night is to create a great experience for fighters, teams and fans. We aim to create an even playing field where every fighter who is matched on the show has access to the same resources in terms of weight cutting programs, training programs and injury prevention. This way the fighters can just focus on their training and be confident that they will be able to perform at 100% on the night.

We aim to create a clear distinction between the amateur and professional levels of MMA. The emphasis for amateurs should be on gaining valuable experience and development. For this reason we ensure all fights are evenly matched against equally skilled opponents. All amateur fights will be conducted with fighters wearing official Bushido fight night rash guards and shorts.